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Book Chapters

Transporting cold atoms in optical lattices with ratchets: symmetries and mechanisms. S. Denisov, S. Flach, P. Hanggi. pp. 181-194, in: Nonlinearities in Periodic Structures and Metamaterials, ed. by C. Denz, S. Flach, Y.S. Kivshar, Springer Berlin (2009)

Directed transport in ac-driven Hamiltonian systems. S. Denisov, J. Klafter, and M. Urbakh. pp.193-202, in: Long Range Dependent Stochastic Processes: Theory and Applications (Bengalor, India, 2002), ed. by Govindan Rangarajan and Ming Ding. (Lecture Notes in Physics: 621.), New York, Springer (2003)


75. Photon waiting time distributions: a keyhole into dissipative quantum chaos. I. Yusipov, O. Vershinina, S. Denisov, M. Ivanchenko. Chaos, in press (2020)

74. Propagating large open quantum systems towards their asymptotic states: cluster implementation of the time-evolving block decimation scheme. V. Volokitin, I. Vakulchyk, E. Kozinov, A. Liniov, I. Meyerov, M. Ivanchenko, T. Laptyeva, and S. Denisov. J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 1392, 01206 (2019)

73. Unfolding quantum master equation into a system of real-valued equations: computationally effective expansion over the basis of SU(N) generators. I. Meyerov, A. Liniov, E. Kozinov, V. Volokitin, I. Yusipov, M. Ivanchenko, and S. Denisov. PRE 100, 053305 (2019)

72. Infinite horizon billiards: Transport at the border between Gauss and Levy universality classes. L. Zarfaty, A. Peletskyi, E. Barkai, and S. Denisov. PRE 100, 042140 (2019)

71. Universal spectra of random Lindblad operators. S. Denisov, T. Laptyeva, W. Tarnowski, D. Chruscinski, and K. Zyczkowski. PRL 123, 140403 (2019)

70. Quantum Lyapunov exponents beyond continuous measurements. I. Yusipov, O. Vershinina, S. Denisov, S. Kuznetsov, and M. Ivanchenko. Chaos 29, 063130 (2019)

69. Asymptotic Floquet states of a periodically driven spin-boson system in the nonperturbative coupling regime. L. Magazzu, S. Denisov, P. Hanggi. PRE 98, 022111 (2018)

68. Signatures of many-body localization in steady states of open quantum systems. I. Vakulchyk, I. Yusipov, M. Ivanchenko, S. Flach, and S. Denisov. PRB 98, 020202(R) (2018)

67. Dispersion of particles in an infinite horizon Lorentz gas. L. Zarfaty, A. Peletskyi, I. Fouxon, S. Denisov, E. Barkai. PRE 98, 010101(R) (2018)

66. Genetic noise mechanism for power-law switching in bacterial flagellar motors. M.I. Krivonosov, V. Zaburdaev, S. Denisov, and M.V. Ivanchenko. J. Phys. A: Math and Gen. 51, 265601 (2018)

65. Chemotactic drift speed for bacterial motility pattern with two alternating turning events. E. V. Pankratova, A. I. Kalyakulina, M. I. Krivonosov, S. Denisov, K. M. Taute, and V. Yu. Zaburdaev. PLoS ONE 13, e0190434 (2018)

64. Computation of the asymptotic states of modulated open quantum systems with a numerically exact realization of the quantum trajectory method. V. Volokitin, A. Liniov, I. Meyerov, M. Hartmann, M. Ivanchenko, P. Hanggi, and S. Denisov. PRE 96, 053313 (2017)

63. Control of a single-particle localization in open quantum systems. O.S. Vershinina, I.I. Yusipov, S. Denisov, M.V. Ivanchenko, and T.V. Laptyeva. EPL 119, 56001 (2017)

62. Increasing performance of the quantum trajectory method by grouping trajectories. A. Liniov, V. Volokitin, I. Meyerov, M. Ivanchenko, and S. Denisov. Comm. Computer and Information Science (Springer), in press (2017)

61. Asymptotic Floquet states of non-Markovian systems. L. Magazzu, S. Denisov, and P. Hanggi. PRA 96 042103 (2017)

60. Localization and hybridization across an effective mobility edge in periodically driven speckle potentials. O. S. Vershinina, E. V. Kozinov, T. V. Laptyeva, S. Denisov, and M. V. Ivanchenko. EPL 118 47004 (2017)

59. Asymptotic Floquet states of open quantum systems: the role of interaction. M. Hartmann, D. Poletti, M. Ivanchenko, S. Denisov, and P. Hanggi. New J. Phys. 19, 083011 (2017)

58. Classical bifurcation diagrams by quantum means. M. V. Ivanchenko, E. A. Kozinov, V. D. Volokitin, A. V. Liniov, I. B. Meyerov, and S. Denisov. Ann. Phys., 1600402 (2017)

57. Limit theorems for Levy walks in d dimensions: rare and bulk fluctuations. I. Fouxon, S. Denisov, V. Zaburdaev, and E. Barkai. arxiv:1608.037564 (2016)

56. Localization in open quantum systems. I. Yusipov, T. Laptyeva, S. Denisov, and M. Ivanchenko. PRL 118, 070402 (2017)

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45. Infinite densities in strong anamolous diffusion: beyond the central limit theorem. A. Rebenshtok, S. Denisov, P. Hanggi, and E. Barkai. PRL 112, 110601 (2014)

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36. Perturbation spreading in many-particle systems: a random walk approach. V. Zaburdaev, S. Denisov and P. Hanggi. PRL 106, 180601 (2011)

35. Thermal equilibration between two quantum systems. A. V. Ponomarev, S. Denisov, and P. Hanggi. PRL 106, 010405 (2011)

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29. ac-driven atomic quantum motor. A. V. Ponomarev, S. Denisov, P. Hanggi. PRL 102, 230601 (2009)

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9. Broken space-time symmetries and mechanisms of rectification of ac fields by nonlinear (non)adiabatic response. S. Denisov, S. Flach, A. A. Ovchinnikov, O. Yevtushenko, Y. Zolotaryuk. PRE 66, 041104 (2002)

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3. Excitation of the metastable chaos in microwave receivers, subjected to ultrashort pulse microwave interference. V.N. Bolotov, S. Denisov, I.I. Magda, V.E. Novikov, Yu. V. Tkach. Electromagnetic Phenomena 1, 30 (1998)

2. Fractal binary sequences: Tsallis thermodynamics and the Zipf law. S. Denisov. Phys. Lett. A 235, 447-451 (1997)

1. Temperature, bioelectrical potential and nonlinear dynamics of native DNA. V. Sachbazov, D. Grinev, S. Denisov. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. of Ukraine 4 217 (1997)

Other publications

Simulations of dendrite fractal antennas. S. Denisov and A. Kirichok. Proc. 10th International Conference “Microwave and Telecommunication Technology”, Sevastopol, Ukraine (2000)

Fractal antenna of dendrite type. V. N.Bolotov, S. Denisov, A. Krichok, Yu. Tkach. Proc. 9th International Conference “Microwave and Telecommunication Technology”, Sevastopol, Ukraine (1999)

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